The Crossroads of Should and Must

In April 2014, I came across an article on Medium called The Crossroads of Should and Must that changed the direction of my life. Long story short - I was unhappy and unfulfilled in my job and was feeling the pressure to settle down. I found myself choosing should over and over again (read the article!!!). In May 2014, I quit my corporate marketing gig with no backup plan. I freelanced for six months and in November 2014, I moved to Orlando with the goal of pursuing a more creative life. In December 2014, I got a full-time graphic/web design gig for an author/speaker. For the first time in my professional life, I felt like I had the creative freedom that I was so desperately craving. In October 2015, I set the space to jump back into painting.

October 2015

In November 2015, I had the foresight of knowing that painting was going to be something meaningful to me. The idea of starting a creative autobiography came to me one day and I started asking my dad some questions about what I was like as a child.


Did we read a lot? What was I into?

We read a lot before you went to bed, but you liked to just read by yourself most of the time. I still have that Jolly Mon book. You read my magazines mostly when you didn't have a New World magazine or something. You were probably one of the few kids reading Spin, Rolling Stone, and Reggae Report...


When did I start being creative? Was I good? When did you realize I had talent?

You just were kind of artsy and creative... it was always good and I never questioned it. You are that little coloring and pot stirring girl still...


How do you think music influenced me as a child?

In all ways... music, food, family, and friends every day. I just figured it would make you a well-rounded listener of good music. We recorded demo tracks during birthday bbqs even with live instruments!!! It was bound to sink into you somehow giving you broad taste and a discerning ear.


What was your dream for me? As a Dad, what did you want me to experience?

OPTIONS AND TO MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES. You had lots of cultural and socio-economic exposure and all the ingredients to make a grown Gigi... so, I never worried. Good job!


What were some of my habits as a kid?

If you had any habits worth speaking of... I'd say thaaaat you tried a lot of things once. That's it!!! Everything you did (tennis, cello, softball, etc.) you seemed to just want to try it... do it well and leave it alone. I always thought It just added to your well-rounded life so it was cool with me. LOL!


What were my fears?

As far as I can tell... Gigi ain't 'fraid of shit.

Gina Tyquiengco