Awakening Promo Video

In anticipation of my first solo art exhibition on Friday, March 2, 2018, I've been experimenting with ways to promote the show. The video that you see above was conceptualized, directed, and edited by Kailey Abbruzzi. Kailey is a talented, young creative who is passionate about helping artists. In my opinion, her true gift is being able to understand artists at their core and capturing their true essence through photography and film. Through creative collaboration, we've not only gotten to know each other on a deeper level but we've learned so much about ourselves in the process.

Kailey shares her insights on conceptualization, creative freedom, and process below.  

How did you come up with the concept for the video?
After speaking with Gina about her overall vision as an artist, I felt as though I really connected with her essence and formed my own interpretation of what her art delivers. I imagined her influences being contrasting as she pulled from the various cultures and experiences in her life to create one piece of art. So, when thinking about how to visually represent this duality, I didn’t want there to be a specific name or face to represent where Gina gets her inspiration from. Therefore, I thought it would be really cool to have faceless beings, one white and one black, to appear more so as an essence rather than a presence. This way it would show the duality in Gina’s heart, soul and mind yet the final image would show a complete piece that bring those contrasting essences into one.

What does it feel like to execute an idea with complete creative freedom?
It’s the greatest gift I could ever be given. It’s personally freeing to being able to stretch my mind and explore not only the connections I have with other people but connections within myself as well. I am very thankful for Gina and her trust in me to create something with no limitations. Being able to explore the creative space in which exists because of Gina’s artistry has been an incredible experience and has inspired me to chase after this feeling again with future creative projects.

How does Gina’s art make you feel?
There are 7 billion people on the planet and the crazy thing about Gina’s art is it can be interpreted in 7 billion different ways. I feel as though it represents a bigger idea than just what each piece specifically means to her. The idea that no one is all one color. Inside each of us, there are contrasting colors, contrasting ideas, backgrounds, views, morals and experiences. Yet, in the end we fuse together these differences to become one magnificent being. My black is not Gina’s black, my white is not Gina’s white and my gold is not Gina’s gold. But, when I look at her art, I am still able to feel the duality and then the fusion within me. And I guarantee the rest of the 7 billion can say the same.

Tell me how Gina’s process resonates with you.
The process is everything. For me, an artist's process is my final product. Therefore, watching, listening and observing Gina’s process gives me insight about her true essence. That way once I understand it, I am able to capture it. The thing that most resonates with me about her process is the pauses she takes in between strokes. She will be painting and then suddenly stops to listen to the music or take in her space. Then, continues on with her next stroke. That pause between strokes to allow herself to really feel her muse is what propels her next hand movement. They are authentic, genuine and what makes Gina, Gina.

Gina Tyquiengco