Artist Statement

My work is devoted to exploring the theme of “cultural duality.” I have always found myself in-between cultures. I am half black, half Guamanian, and was raised in a Pacific Islander culture. Who I am is a culmination of all the people who have been in my life—all races, religions, and ethnicities. My work reflects this. My use of black and white represents the dual worlds I live in and how they blend together. I identify as the gold amidst black and white, awakening to my identity as a multicultural woman and artist. 

Music is an important element of my work, because music, like art, brings people together. It helps us connect across the lines that separate us. There is a purity to music, a universality to rhythm that affects all of us the same, regardless of where we come from or what we look like. Music does not discriminate. Listening to music while I create art allows me to tap into this purity and oneness, which inevitably finds its way into my work.

I feel it’s important to represent who I am as a woman of cultural duality, so that I elevate others around me who come from similar backgrounds. I hope my awakening will help others find their own voice and identity, while seeing that we are all one in spite of our differences.